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Elisabeth Hasselbeck runs to stay fit --

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck runs to stay fit --

Elisabeth might be known for her verbal sparring on the chat-fest "The View," but off the couch she's anything but combative.

Healthy Hollywood caught up with the spunky co-host over the weekend in New York City at a book signing for her cookbook, "Deliciously G-Free." She's a huge advocate for all things gluten-free, as she was diagnosed with celiac disease nearly a decade ago.

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The petite morning TV star is an absolute delight to be around. She's laid-back, chatty and interviewing her is like getting together with an old girlfriend. She also gets high marks for her love of working out. "I think I was born a runner," exclaims Elisabeth!

The busy mother of three reveals to Healthy Hollywood running is the secret to her sanity. "I am better mom and better me when I've had a better run. For whatever reason, I am not big on shopping. I like to bargain shop, but I don't feel a release from that. I will hit the grocery store and I do like going through the aisles with a cart. I am not a yoga person. I don't go out and dance, so my release will come during a run. It's really the only time I feel unattached and free to organize my thoughts."


For the second year in a row, Elisabeth put her love of running to a good cause. She hosted the MORE Magazine/Fitness women's only half-marathon this Sunday and ran in support of Team NoGii (the name of her gluten-free product line) to raise money for celiac disease research. "First of all, I like to think of it as a full race, not a half. Preparation for the race has been long in the oven. Prep begins 2 or 3 months out. So, it is speed work twice a week and a couple comfortable, easier runs mid-week. I think for any woman at any stage of her life, having a goal like a half marathon is important because it guides your steps - literally," shares Elisabeth.

Over 10 thousand women joined Elisabeth for the half-marathon. Always competitive, Elisabeth finished the race in an hour and forty minutes, beating last year's time by 4 minutes.

But, don't expect her not to be running later this week. "I will run to or from work or run to pick up the kids from school. Whenever I can I run. My husband (she's married to former NFL player Tim Hasselbeck) is my best running partner because he knows the importance of a good run.

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