Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday - Great Gatsby-Inspired Workout!

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Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio in Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Great Gatsby' -- Warner Bros.

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Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio in Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Great Gatsby' -- Warner Bros.

Thanks to "The Great Gatsby" movie, the Roaring '20s are back and hotter than ever! From the glittery drop-waist flapper dresses to the snazzy neatly-tailored suits with bow ties - the glamour of the era is alive, 'old sport.'

Leonardo DiCaprio's Jay Gatsby was notorious for his lavish parties, which oozed in a decadent mix of cocktails, fabulous people and of course the high-kicking Charleston - a favorite dance of the era.

Inspired by the Gatsby gang, dance guru, Cassey Ho, who founded, came up with a modern day Charleston dance. "It's quick, cardio-dance inspired by the 20's - so lots of Charleston kicks, and big moves geared to get your heart rate up," reveals Cassey to Healthy Hollywood.

The best part is this high-kicking dance is for everyone - no matter their age or physical shape. Just do it!

"Yes! Anyone can Charleston! Charlestons are kicking lunges so your glutes, calves, and total lower body are challenged. I couldn't walk for a few days! This is a cardio dance workout that's so fun and easy to follow that it won't even feel like a workout even though you'll be sweating afterwards," exclaims Cassey.

Most important is to gather up some friends and have fun. Crank up the music, maybe dress up in costume and give the Charleston a go. Who cares if you don't have it down perfectly? You're still burning calories and having a good laugh with friends.

"The Charleston routine can be performed alone or with friends. The basic ideas of the Charleston is BIG BIG BIG and funky! The arms are swinging forward and backwards, while the opposite legs are stepping. You're never going to point your toes but rather keep them flexed. Arms are fully extended, elbows bent at 90 degree angle, hands are big - think "jazz hands"! From there just bounce to the big band beat of the music," exclaims Cassey!

Cassey offers some easy Charleston dance moves to follow on her youtube video, check it out here!

-- Terri MacLeod

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