Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday - Mila Kunis' Flawless Skin!

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Mila Kunis arrives at Spike TV's 6th Annual 'Guys Choice Awards' at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif., on June 2, 2012 -- Getty Images

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Mila Kunis arrives at Spike TV's 6th Annual 'Guys Choice Awards' at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, …

Healthy Hollywood is always on the hunt for the newest and hottest skincare treatments. Who doesn't want the clearest, youngest, smoothest-looking skin? Healthy Hollywood aspires to have the flawless complexion of Mila Kunis or Halle Berry. It's certainly a worthy quest!

Healthy Hollywood recently met up with dermatologist Dr. Audrey Kunin, who created the DERMAdoctor skincare line, and shared lots of myth-busting skincare tips. Dr. Kunin separated fact from fiction on the best ways to keep the years off your face and body.

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1. Having sex fights skin aging.

Fact. Hormones released during and after sex are anti-inflammatory and fight hormones responsible for aging.

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2. Sleeping on your back helps prevent wrinkles.

Fact. Sleeping on your back prevents skin from getting squashed and creating deep wrinkle lines.

3. Crossing your legs causes varicose veins.

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False. High levels of circulating hormones present during growth spurt and pregnancy leads to tearing of collagen fibers beneath the surface of skin resulting in stretch marks. New stretch marks appear red and raised; older stretch marks are flat and white. Cocoa butter merely hydrates the skin but does not help rebuild the collagen or repair the stretch marks.

4. Wearing a bra to bed ages your décolletage.

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False. Those deep crease lines between the breasts are accentuated as breasts are squeezed together.

5. Sleeping beauty can thank that deep sleep for keeping her youthful.

Fact. Deep sleep cycles and length of sleeping fight the aging of skin cells. 8 to 9 hours of deep sleep are recommended nightly. Both tobacco and alcohol disrupt sleep patterns and contribute to aging skin changes.

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