Here's SodaStream's Super Bowl Ad That Was Too Mean to Coke and Pepsi

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Last week AdAge reported that the big new Super Bowl commercial from SodaStream, the little home carbonation kit that could, got the thumbs-down from CBS for taking aim at Pepsi and Coke, two major advertisers on Super Sunday. Well, the banned spot has now surfaced, and guess what? It does take aim at the two soda giants, whose delivery guys race to stock a supermarket — to the tune of "Dueling Banjos" — only to be mess up on the way in, with eco-friendly SodaStream ready to come to your rescue: 

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Of course, as Brian Steinberg at AdAge points out, the two giants getting punked by the upstart SodaStream are no strangers to targeted advertising: "Pepsi has scored big points with viewers over the years by showing Super Bowl ads with Coke deliverymen abandoning their employer wholesale for a sip of a Pepsi drink," Steinberg notes. Pepsi even used their cheating Coke deliveryman gag as recently as last year.

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This is the SodaStream spot that will run, which still bashes soda companies and their evil bottles — just not specifically Coke and Pepsi: 

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Meanwhile, Pepsi has released their ad for Pepsi NEXT, which goes for the old parents-at-a-rager trope: 

Pepsi also has big Super Bowl plans revolving around Beyoncé's halftime show. As for their competitor, Coca-Cola is asking people to choose an ending for their fantastical spot

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