Homecoming Bullies Prank Missouri Sophomore

Pacific High School Suspends Students Over Incident

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Tonya Tanner and her husband Rickie Lee Tanner took to the Internet to try to get help for their bullied daughter. The trials and tribulations of their daughter were so traumatic, Tonya Tanner called for the cancellation of homecoming at Pacific (Mo.) High School.

*The Tanners' 15-year-old is a sophomore at Pacific High School and was nominated for the 2012 homecoming court. The parents were surprised because their daughter isn't a popular girl and has the mentality of someone five years younger. It took a week before the case was resolved.

* KMOV reports several students were given 10-day suspensions and are disallowed from participating in homecoming activities. The prank involved nominating the Tanners' daughter and then throwing eggs at her during Saturday's homecoming parade. Meramec Valley School District Superintendent Randy George handed down the punishments.

* The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reveals the 15-year-old girl has attention deficit disorder . The girl's parents believe many of the sophomores who voted for her did so with hurtful intentions. Yet some students interviewed by the newspaper claim they voted for the girl because they genuinely felt she deserved to be recognized.

* On Tonya Tanner's blog , she vented her frustration. News of her daughter's nomination was received Sept. 18. Last Saturday, the mother stated a family member "asked the PHS principal... what [he] found out." The parents allege their daughter won between 86 to 90 percent of her class vote for homecoming.

* The principal supposedly told the family member he would not act because all he heard were rumors. A day later, last Sunday after a sleepless night, the Tanners took to Facebook . Rickie Lee Tanner is a well-known country singer in Missouri. He voiced his frustration with school officials on his official Facebook page.

* Tonya Tanner reiterated how devastating the situation was and she feared for her daughter's life. Her blog diary entry dated Sept. 22 reveals email messages were sent that believed the nomination was a vicious prank. At that point, Rickie Lee Tanner "lost his faith in the human race." His wife proclaimed, "I had only seen him sob uncontrollably like that before when we held our child one last time and he had to hand her away to be taken away to the funeral home."

* The St. Louis Post-Dispatch said the high school sophomore went back to school Wednesday after being kept home Monday and Tuesday. The young lady plans on participating in homecoming activities which include aparade on Saturday and football game Oct. 5 and a dance the next night.

* KSDK reports the Tanners say the closest thing their daughter has to a best friend is a duck that lives on the family farm. The duck is the reason why the girl's parents believe vicious pranks would have involved throwing eggs and quacking at the sophomore during the homecoming parade.

* Distraught, Tonya Tanner at one time called for the cancellation of homecoming activities. Her husband received thousands of messages on Facebook in support of his family.

* KTVI reveals Rickie Lee Tanner said the punishment meted out to students "is a fair resolution to this thing." The father also said "everyone was really nice" to his daughter when she returned to school Wednesday.

* The Tanners' case is eerily similar to that of 16-year-old Whitney Kropp , a young lady who contemplated suicide after students elected her to the homecoming court of Ogemaw Heights High School of West Branch, Mich.

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