Howard Kurtz Is Safe for Now at CNN

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Howard Kurtz Is Safe for Now at CNN

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Howard Kurtz Is Safe for Now at CNN

Following a rough day for Howard Kurtz in which the Daily Beast retracted his initially inaccurate Jason Collins story and then publicly parted ways with him, CNN has issued a statement saying their Reliable Sources host is maintaining his position at the network. 

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"There has been no status change with Howard Kurtz, he remains the host of Reliable Sources. He will address this issue on the program this weekend," a CNN spokeswoman told The Atlantic Wire. Does that mean perhaps a ratings boost for the program, with all the Kurtz bashers tuning in to see what he says? 

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Kurtz's kerfuffle began on Wednesday when he published a blog post about Jason Collins' the NBA player that came out this week. In the post, Kurtz accused Collins of not being truthful about the fact that he was previously engaged to a woman. Collins had in fact mentioned that in his Sports Illustrated cover story. The post was changed and Kurtz became the subject of ridicule. On Thursday the Daily Beast retracted the post. 

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But the issues with Kurtz likely went beyond the bungled blog post. His large role in the website the Daily Download has also come under question. Newsbeast insiders have told various outlets that the Collins incident was more the straw that broke the camel's back. In his report yesterday Politico's Dylan Byers explained that Daily Beast sources said his relationship with the Beast ended because he was spending too much time on other pursuits including the Daily Download. Today, the Huffington Post's Michael Calderone investigated Kurtz's role at the site, which has been much larger than that of other advisors.

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