HP Cloud Launches a Duo of Partner Programs and a Trio of New Services

HP Cloud Launches a Duo of Partner Programs and a Trio of New Services

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HP Cloud Launches a Duo of Partner Programs and a Trio of New Services

I am speaking at HP’s Global Partner Conference this week in Las Vegas about uncovering new business opportunities with HP Cloud Services.  News that I am sharing at the conference is that we are rolling out two new partner programs, one for Global System Integrators (GSIs) and the other for Value Added Resellers (VARs) as part of the HP Cloud Builder program.  To further support accelerating the transition of production workloads to the public cloud, we are also launching the early access of three new services.  Load balancing, monitoring and DNS services provide more scale, reliability and performance options for online applications.

The Global System Integrator Program Helps GSIs Tackle Complex Cloud Solutions

The HP public cloud program for Global System Integrators helps GSI’s bring large and complex solutions to the cloud.  As cloud adoption by the enterprise continues to grow, so too has the demand for IT to support mobile devices, big data, global collaboration and online consumer applications. Designed to help GSI’s meet these customer demands, the program provides the tools, testing environments, sales and technical support GSI’s need to design, build and deploy large, complex cloud solutions leveraging HP Cloud Services.

Value-Added Reseller Program Helps VARS to Expand Their Cloud Portfolio and Capture New Markets

The HP public cloud program for VARs provides HP training, co-branding and marketing tools so VARS can expand their cloud offerings and pursue new customers for public cloud services.  In addition to the technical and marketing support provided by HP, the program will be expanded this summer to provide financial incentives for channel partners reselling HP Cloud Services.

Load Balancing, Monitoring and DNS Services Provide Additional Scale and Reliability Options

We have expanded the HP Cloud Services portfolio with new services that can provide increased performance and reliability and gives customers more options in building their public cloud infrastructure to scale their workloads:

  • HP Cloud Load Balancer optimizes application response times and can improve reliability by distributing web traffic across multiple servers.
  • HP Cloud Monitoring helps users identify potential issues before they impact production with infrastructure metrics, alerts and notification tools.
  • HP Cloud DNS provides quick and easy access to a faster, reliable global DNS service by translating domain names to IP addresses using a global network of servers.

I’m excited to be here in Las Vegas talking with partners about what their customers are looking for in the public cloud.  Everyone wants to help their customers get to the cloud faster and I’m looking forward to helping them do that.

You can sign up for early access to our new services here:
Signup for HP Cloud Load Balancer
Signup for HP Cloud Monitoring
Signup for HP Cloud DNS

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