HP Cloud Services Takes a Big Leap Forward with Compute GA, Block Storage and Application PaaS

HP Cloud Services Takes a Big Leap Forward with Compute GA, Block Storage and Application PaaS

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HP Cloud Services Takes a Big Leap Forward with Compute GA, Block Storage and Application PaaS

As an IT manager or a developer, to trust your business and possibly your job to the public cloud, there are certain key factors you look for beyond the required technical specifications. Reliability, speed to market, and a rich ecosystem top the list. HP Cloud Services just announced four new product and service advances that address these crucial business requirements.


HP Cloud Compute has now moved to general availability making it ready for production workloads. A variety of Linux and Windows images are offered together with GUI and command line tools for provisioning and managing instances. However, the primary consideration for production workloads is reliability. Downtime for production workloads is bad when your apps are internal and terrible if your apps are customer facing. IT managers need to be confident that downtime risk is minimized. HP Cloud Services backs Compute with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of at least 99.95 percent on a monthly basis which equates to less than 30 minutes of downtime per month. This is an industry-leading Guarantee that should help to lower the blood pressure of IT decision makers.

Supporting production workloads also requires the ability to easily scale and move data between instances. HP Cloud Block Storage is now in public beta and offers high performance, persistent storage and developers can provision and move volumes up to 2 TB between instances. During the public beta of HP Cloud Block Storage, the service is discounted 50 percent which should encourage further adoption and exploration of the service to support production workloads of all sizes.

Speed to Market

The ability to develop, test and deploy applications faster means reduced cost and a competitive advantage for any business. The HP Application PaaS integrated solution accelerates the time to market by enabling developers to focus on the development and deployment of applications rather than administering infrastructure.

A Diverse and Proven Partner Ecosystem

If you have existing applications on local servers, you can’t take advantage of the public cloud until you can move, manage and run them in that cloud’s infrastructure. Moving existing applications from on-premises servers to the HP Cloud is now much easier to accomplish using HP Cloud Migration Services. This new service combines HP’s expertise in private, managed and public clouds with a variety of partner solutions that will help plan and quickly move workloads with little to no code changes.

According to Zorawar “Biri” Singh, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Cloud and Cloud Services, HP, “Today’s enhancements to the HP Cloud Services portfolio simplify the process of moving production workloads to the cloud, providing users with the confidence needed to run, manage and deploy applications on the public cloud, no matter their size.”

These latest advancements to HP Cloud Services represent a major step forward in setting the standard for the enterprise cloud. They will also likely spark a new wave of production application deployment and workload migration to HP’s public cloud.

European Region Planned for 2013

As discussed at Discover, we will be launching a new region in Europe in 2013 to provide public cloud services with lower latency for European users. We are doing this by leveraging our best-in-class HP hardware and working with strategic local partners. Stay tuned for more details shortly.

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