How HP Cloud Works With Global System Integrators

How HP Cloud Works With Global System Integrators

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How HP Cloud Works With Global System Integrators

Yesterday we announced our new addition to the HP Cloud Builder program to enable Global System Integrators (GSIs) to accelerate their enterprise customers’ transition to the public cloud.  Today, I wanted to give you some more details as to how HP Cloud’s relationship with GSIs works.   As a Channels & Alliances Global Leader for HP Cloud Services, I speak with a lot of enterprise customers that wish to deploy their workloads to the public cloud.  The conversation always leads to concerns about integration and migration hurdles.  This often involves the need to build a solution that combines private and public clouds, on premises servers, existing applications, and of course, mobile devices.  This is the model use case for GSIs.

GSIs have the experience and resources to design and implement a cloud strategy on a global scale by identifying and customizing the right combination of best-of-breed IT and cloud services to deliver a comprehensive business solution.  The HP Cloud Services Public Cloud Partner Program for GSIs is designed to take on exactly these kind of joint use cases (aka workloads) to help their enterprise customers leverage the public cloud to solve complex business problems, foster innovation and drive business growth locally and globally.   In turn, the new public cloud partner program provides Global System Integrators premier access to HP’s public cloud.  GSIs can access HP Cloud Services designated cloud testing environments, focused sales, technical and support resources, and collaborative go-to-market activities to grow their public cloud practice.

GSIs play a critical part in a customer’s cloud transformation from defining a cloud strategy, including selecting the right cloud service providers, to implementing the move or expansion to the cloud across several countries.  They help with application development and migration, integration with SAP/Oracle in the cloud, and business continuity – to name a few large scale service deployments they can streamline.

Here's what several of the GSIs that have chosen to work with HP Cloud Services are saying:

“HP’s public cloud partner program for GSIs provides global system integrators with access to HP Cloud Services to grow their public cloud practice,” said Chris Weitz, director, Deloitte Consulting and leader, Cloud Computing Practice, Deloitte. “Deloitte has joined the HP’s public cloud partner program for GSIs to help meet the high demand among enterprises to define a cloud strategy, move to the cloud and remain competitive.”

“Cloud is transforming IT and we have already seen customers taking strategic initiatives to leverage the production gains and cost-savings offered by Cloud. Infosys as a Cloud Ecosystem Integrator appreciates HP's efforts in the Cloud space. We are positive that the synergy will benefit our mutual clients.” - JP Balakrishnan, Vice President and Global Head – Cloud partnerships, Infosys Limited.

As the Global Partner Conference wraps up today, I will be incorporating all the great feedback I received from GSIs and will use it to fine tune our program. In future blogs I will report back on how our GSI partners helped their customers bring workloads to the public cloud.

If you are interested in joining the Public Cloud Program for GSIs, sign up here and one of HP Cloud Services representatives will contact you. 

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