HP Discover exclusive: Hear about the next evolution of storage

What’s stopping your evolution to the next generation of IT? Considering that most of our world is now based on data creation, collection and interpretation, your storage could be the bottleneck holding your organization back.

The good news? We have an answer. The bad news? You’ll have to wait until 3 December to hear about it when HP’s new storage solutions are officially announced at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt.

If you aren’t attending HP Discover, be sure to visit the HP storage solutions page for updates and register to join the virtual event on 3 December and be among the first to see the new solutions.

What we can tell you now is that our new storage solutions are intended to address the limitations inherent in legacy storage architectures that may be preventing your infrastructure from handling modern workloads and data demands. We’ve identified three primary challenges that need to be addressed in order for storage to evolve to meet current needs.

Primary storage: Legacy storage is often inefficient, hard to manage, and requires different systems as you scale.

Information retention & analytics: Unstructured data is growing rapidly. Today’s solutions typically can’t scale, provide efficient search capabilities, or effectively manage files and objects in a single system.

Information protection—Backup windows are shrinking and recovery data is even more important. Many of today’s disk-based backup systems use different deduplication algorithms and don’t work together.

Be sure to tune in on 3 December when HP announces new storage solutions that will help overcome these primary challenges and usher in the next generation of IT.

For an insider’s perspective on the evolution of storage and what’s to come in the announcement, take a look at this webcast hosted by HP Storage Guy, Calvin Zito and featuring storage experts David Scott and Chris Evans.

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