Huntsman daughters talk social media, sing karaoke

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman may be lingering in the polls, but at least his three daughters have lit up the campaign trail. Abby, Liddy and Mary-Ann Huntsman gained an instant following when they started live-tweeting about life on the campaign trail.

Jon2012girls, their collective Twitter handle, has more than 17,500 followers. But their popularity soared when they parodied the now infamous Herman Cain ad featuring his cigarette-smoking campaign manager Mark Block. The Huntsman daughters wore mustaches and blew bubbles instead of cigarettes. (RELATED: Full coverage of Jon Huntsman)

In the January issue of GQ, they opened up about life on the campaign trail and how they use social media to reach voters in their signature irreverent tone:

… they talk (shrewdly yet idealistically) about using new technology to reach young voters disillusioned by Obama’s failure to deliver all that hope and change he promised the Facebook generation, and how off-the-cuff sass is the only way to speak to an audience that gets its news from Jon Stewart and Twitter. They explain, politely, that no, they’re not angling for gigs on Fox (“I’m not blonde,” Abby points out sagely), nor are they trying to be the Kardashians of politics.

Liddy reveals that her sister Mary-Anne once went on a movie date with Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-husband, when he played basketball for the Utah Jazz.

Surely they have no trouble getting dates now. The Huntsman girls are certainly the hottest trio of first-daughter hopefuls we’ve ever seen.

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Huntsman daughters talk social media, sing karaoke

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