Hurricane Sandy Spares Park Slope

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FIRST PERSON | BROOKLYN -- On the morning after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, millions of New Yorkers were still left without power. However, in the area surrounding Prospect Park, this is not the case. Residents, including myself, still have power, and but for a few flickers here and there during the heaviest winds, never lost it. At the same time, the comparative lack of winds and higher elevation as opposed to other parts of Brooklyn have also left Park Slope free from flooding.

Other than a few gusts of wind here and there, the weather in Park Slope is nothing that would prevent myself or any other residents from going about their daily business. With that said, because of the major flooding elsewhere in the city, and especially in a number of subway tunnels, Brooklynites are basically stranded until further notice. A small price to pay for escaping the brunt of the storm mostly in tact.

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