Hurricane Sandy volunteer returns to P.E.I.


A Charlottetown woman has returned to the Island after a three-week stint helping people who were left homeless following Hurricane Sandy last fall.

The most devastating storm in decades to hit the most densely populated U.S. region cut off modern communication and left millions without power in October.

Sandy, the hurricane turned superstorm, killed at least 50 people.

Local Red Cross volunteer Sarah Jones says many people are still living in hotels, five months after the hurricane.

“Brighton Beach, which is predominately Russian, they’ve now been displaced and they're potentially not around other people with a common culture and share common language. Having that for four or five months is incredibly different and having to travel from a displaced location, a hotel usually, to a place where you work is just a big change for them,” she said.

Jones said handing over much needed money to thankful families made for an unforgettable experience.

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