In Immigration Debate, Demographics and Principles Don't Lie

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Yahoo News asked for readers' reactions to the immigration plan unveiled by a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday. Here's one reader's perspective.

COMMENTARY | The biggest sticking point in the argument over the new immigration reforms proposed by a bipartisan group of senators will be the "path to citizenship."

Growing up in Southern California and living here in San Diego County, I have personally known many families whom this new approach would have helped, and who in turn would have become part of the system: new taxpayers. Current estimates put the undocumented population in this country at around 11 million people. Or 11 million new taxpayers.

We are a nation of immigrants. Our nation literally would not exist were it not for the immigration of a group of people setting out for better opportunity. Not only does providing a path to citizenship make sense from the logistical standpoint of better dealing with the millions of undocumented people already here -- without the prohibitively expensive option of deporting them -- it satisfies out ethical obligation to our American principles of rewarding those who want to become part of contributors to American success.

The fight over its inclusion in any new immigration legislation will be fierce. But if Americans want to be both humane and smart about how they handle those who have already come here, they'll allow the path to be opened up. The economy of the future will thank us later.

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