Immigration is the Issue with Sheriff Paul Babeu

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COMMENTARY | Something is rotten in Denmark, and it's not the fact Republican Pinal County, Ariz., sheriff Paul Babeu came out as gay. The issues in Arizona go much deeper. Babeu's former lover Jose Orozco's Internet abuses are problematic, says the Los Angeles Times. The coup de grace is immigration violation charges with subsequent deportation threats against Orozco, a Mexican national. The homosexuality, even the identity theft, is a smokescreen for the real agenda: Using personal issues to further political causes.

It shouldn't matter to the Arizona GOP, the Mitt Romney campaign or the general populace whether Babeu is gay, straight or pink with polka dots. If he's doing his job right, that's what's important. It's 2012; let's accept a homosexual can be a Republican, even though he might not agree with all of the party platform.

I'm a pro-life Catholic progressive social Democrat. There are parts of the party line I don't agree with (abortion rights), but by and large, the Democrats are closer to my way of thinking. Grass-roots efforts are the best way to address issues of morality, so I'll vote Democrat and work pro-life. I'm guessing that's how it is with Babeu. Like me, he might not like the two-party system, but he knows that to vote otherwise would basically be a discarded vote.

As per the oxymoron between Babeu embracing a Republican anti-immigration, anti-gay message but acting otherwise, people often fight hardest against issues that are raw spots. He's not the first. Look at televangelist Jimmy Swaggert decrying immorality while patronizing a prostitute. Look at Republican nominee Newt Gingrich, telling MSNBC that while harping on the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, he was carrying on an affair.

As for Orozco's retaliation with the online harassment, that needs to be addressed, but not under the guise of residency status. If, as per the Huffington Post, hints were dropped about the advisability of Orozco's keeping mum in view of his expired student visa, that's exploitation on all sides.

First, it exploits his relationship with Babeu and imbues it with shame. Second, invasion of Internet privacy is wrong, regardless of sexual preference. Third, mixing in immigration dilutes Orozco's real criminal activity of hacking. Last, a threat of deportation for personal gain is legalized extortion and a base misuse of authority.

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