The Implications of Teaching Evolution as Atheism

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COMMENTARY | I just read a wonderful article by Stephanie Pappas on in which she quotes Jerry Bergevin as saying that he "wants the full portrait of evolution and the people who came up with the idea to be represented" when teaching students the theory because it is linked to atheism's "worldview and it's godless."

In her article, she tells of how the New Hampshire legislator, Bergevin (shockingly, he happens to be a Republican), introduced HB 1148 -- a bill pushing this teaching to an enforceable level -- to the New Hampshire legislature. In particular, he wants to teach the students that atheism was used to defend Nazism.

I am assuming that Bergevin is only referring to teaching students about the Christian God as it is the predominant religion in the United States. Plus, who really cares about all those other Gods? You can read about those fictitious deities in English and History classes.

Fine, teach them a little history while you're teaching them science, I don't care. Just don't forget to mention the political reasons for using science and evolution to defend the slaughter of millions.

However, while you're at it, when teaching them creationism, don't forget to mention the political and sociological reasons for religion. This includes oppressing the masses with fear of eternal retribution so the monarchs, pharaohs, dictators, etc. wouldn't have to worry quite as much about rebellion. And please, don't forget about the use of religion to squash the rights of women. Your female students will need to learn their true place in the world. Remember to teach about how the Bible taught some of our American ancestors how black people aren't really people. Perhaps you could ask the KKK to come in and do a little presentation to further explain that link for the students. And, I suppose you shouldn't leave out that there wasn't one single true believer in God during the Holocaust, genocide in Somalia, Polpot's regime, or really any war, 'cause God certainly didn't step in to save any of those victims did He? What's that? Free-will, you say? And you have to be a true believer? Tell that to the little girl who's praying for God to stop her Daddy from molesting her. Or the little boy asking God to save him from his mother's fists. What is God doing for them?

Twisting the Christian belief system, is that what I hear?

Why I certainly am! That is exactly what Bergevin and others like him want to do with evolution by attaching a scientific theory with a belief system. Two things which are not actually tied together. Being the atheist I am, I just thought I'd just do to Bergevin's belief system what he wants to do with mine; twist it and make it seem irrelevant by correlating it to atrocities.

Except that on the way, Bergevin also wants to confuse us on what science actually is and what creationism isn't.

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