Iowa's Early Voting Dismisses Debate Game-Changers

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FIRST PERSON | WAPELLO, Iowa - We started early voting on Thursday, but my fellow Iowans did so without me.

This 59-year-old housewife is going to wait for Nov. 6 to vote. I'll be out there braving the weather with other Wapello voters after I have all the information. What's left to know about these two candidates? Perhaps the debates that start on Oct. 3 will have a game-changing effect.

I don't like early voting, and think it should be reserved for the military and some seniors. This year is a great example of why debates could sway voters. Foreign affairs, the deaths of Americans in Libya, the truth about our country's financial future are all up for debate. They are serious issues and all answers will be viewed, not only by Americans, but by the world.

If you vote early, before the debates, how can you make a good choice? While I would not vote for Obama, Romney is not my first or second choice of candidates either. In a good debate, people may see less canned answers and find out truths that haven't been apparent. In my case, Gov. Romney would have to implode for me not to vote for him.

Iowa's complete vote count debacle in the 2012 primaries was embarrassing. If the one-day votes could not be counted competently, why would a drawn out voting season be better? If you are an American and if you are able-bodied, find your way to the polls to vote on Nov. 6.

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