iPhone 6 Sensors May Detect Weather and More

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iPhone 6 Sensors May Detect Weather and More

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iPhone 6 Sensors May Detect Weather and More

Most of us turn to apps or Siri to get a quick check of the weather on our iPhone, but the iPhone 6 may pack sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure, making it a device that's much more aware of its environment.

ESM-China analyst told the blog G for Games that the iPhone 6 will come with its own barometer to detect all of the above measurements. The Samsung Galaxy S4 features similar sensors as part of its S Health app, and the Galaxy S5 is adding a heart rate monitor to become a more formidable fitness device.

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According to MacRumors, this same analyst claimed that the rumored iWatch would ship with optical sensors to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. Given that the iPhone 6 is also reportedly shipping with a HealthBook app, it's possible that the iWatch will work in tandem with the next iPhone to give users a complete picture of their workout that takes the latest conditions into account.

Other than a focus on fitness, the iPhone 6 will reportedly feature a faster A8 processor with quad-core graphics, a sharper 10-MP camera and two larger screen size options (4.7 and 5.5 inches).

Although the iWatch looks like it will be able to do a fair amount of things on its own, we wouldn't be surprised to see it launched alongside the iPhone 6 this fall.

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