New Jersey Representative Rob Andrews and the Bush Tax Cut Vote

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New Jersey Representative Rob Andrews and the Bush Tax Cut Vote

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Robert Andrews, NJ democratic representative

Yahoo! News asked constituents to agree or disagree with their U.S. House representative's vote on extending the Bush tax cuts on Wednesday. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | In a disappointing turn of events, the U.S. House of Representatives upheld the Bush tax cuts for all income brackets for another year. This means another year of debt, another year of the wealthiest Americans getting tax breaks and not paying their fair share. Allowing taxes to return to their former rates as signed into law during the Clinton administration would have been the fairer outcome. The majority of Democrats, including my New Jersey state representative Rob Andrews, voted no to an extension of the tax cuts.

Even though we have lost this battle, I'm grateful to my representative for being one of those noes. My district in New Jersey is primarily Democratic, despite the fact we have a Republican governor. I voted for Andrews, and would vote for him again as he has consistently shown that he has the needs of our state in mind when he votes. The majority of New Jersey residents are in that bracket of making $250,000 or less a year, and those who are above would have been paying their fair share if the Bush taxes had been repealed. This would be of great help to the national debt, and be a fairer system of taxation.

I can only hope that after this year is up, things will have changed enough that the Bush tax cuts will then be repealed.

While I am unhappy with the outcome of this current decision overall, I am pleased with how my representative voted and will continue to support him. If we had more representatives like Rob Andrews in the House looking after the interests of average citizens like me, maybe we'd be in a much better place overall in America.

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