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Jersey Shore Embarrassment: N.J. tells N.Y. to 'Take Them Back'

The Drunken Cast of MTV's Jersey Shore Gives NJ a Bad Name... And They Are from NY

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Jersey Shore Season 2: Cast of Jersey Shore Prepares for Season 2

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Jersey Shore Season 2: Cast of Jersey Shore Prepares for Season 2

While at a Lincoln Park, New Jersey, town hall meeting, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said that he plans to ask New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to repossess the always rowdy and often drunken cast members of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore.

Although the show, which follows the lives of several hard partying twenty-somethings, has been set at Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the cast members all hale from New York. My Fox Boston reported that Christie, who has never disguised his disgust with the hard partying image that cast members like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi portray, is particularly eager to dispel any connection between them and the Garden State now that Polizzi has landed herself in the headlines following an episode showing her arrest.

Polizzi was arrested for disorderly conduct while even more inebriated than normal while filming the third season of the show. Christie told the Star-Ledger that, "Remember, Snooki is from Poughkeepsie and the Situation is from State Island. That's not New Jersey."

Christie said that his message to Cuomo was, "Take them back. We don't want them." Christie says that Jersey Shore "parachutes out of control New Yorkers into Seaside Heights." New Jersey natives familiar with the area can agree that day long or even week long benders like those gleefully portrayed by MTV are hardly de rigueur for the resort town.

More laughable than MTV's portrayal of New Jersey, however, was Christie's arrogant assertion that he was actively improving New Jersey's reputation among the rest of the country's citizens by turning it into a model of "fiscal discipline."

In the past few weeks alone, Christie's political blunders and financial missteps have been well documents. He had vetoed a bill that would have allocated $1 million of state money in order to access $15 million of federal Medicare and Medicaid funding to provide women's health services to low income New Jersey women.

Yahoo! News also reported a few days ago that New Jersey's bond rating was cut as the direct result of Christie's decision to not make any payment during 2010 into New Jersey's pension and employee benefit funds. According to the state's actuarial calculation's a payment of more than $3 billion should have been made in order to pay out the money that is or will be due to New Jersey's state workers. New Jersey's poor bond rating means that it will have to pay even higher interest rates the next time it issues bonds to finance its activities, and thanks to Christie's financial mismanagement, that is sure to be soon.

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