Jobs Picture Not Enough to Commit This Undecided Voter Yet

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Amid May's poor job numbers -- 69,000 jobs added and an uptick in unemployment to 8.2 percent -- Yahoo! News asked undecided voters how the struggling economy is coloring their vote. Here's one on-the-fence voter's perspective.

COMMENTARY | Today's news of a 0.1 percent increase in unemployment from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is not enough to win the election for Mitt Romney or to lose the election for Barack Obama, in my opinion, but the economy bears watching.

I've witnessed improvements in the economy, with more people visiting and more spending on personal entertainment, but with unemployed family members in construction, much more is needed.

I'm an undecided voter who believes that the 2012 election needs to decide some big issues. Americans, like others around the world, want jobs -- secure jobs that offer a decent lifestyle.

I don't necessarily accept the U.S. government bailout of GM. I am appalled at the huge federal budget mess. I question whether our government is investing enough in R&D and the future.

"Who is leading this country? And where?" Those are the questions my vote hopes to answer.

President Obama was not my candidate four years ago, but he has delivered on his promises. Still, sometimes his stance wobbles. Mitt Romney looks good because of his business experience.

If the economy drops, Romney is a probable vote.

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