Joe Biden 2016: Why There is No Chance for Success

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COMMENTARY | Talk is revolving around the idea of Vice President Joe Biden running for the presidency in 2016. As a former political consultant, I can foresee a mess for Biden, and for the Democrats, if he even entertains the idea. Looking across the political map right now, unless "Regular Joe" does something spectacular between now and 2014, his candidacy would be a loss.

Under Obama

The Republicans would have some major ammunition to go after Biden due to his vice presidency under President Barack Obama. Obamacare, the lack of bipartisanship and the jobs bill will all come back to haunt him. His recent statements about how murder and rape will increase if we do not tax the rich are so ridiculous that he will have a hard time being taken seriously during the rest of the time that the current administration is in office.


Vice President Biden has not been able to have himself recognized as anything other than a cheerleader for the administration. This is partially his fault, and partially President Obama's fault. At this point, the president has yet to appoint his vice president to any position of importance. He has not set up any significant programs for Biden to oversee or vested him with any type of extra duties.

Sound Bites

All "Regular Joe" is known for is being a below-average vice president that puts his foot in his mouth from time to time. His term is only being noted as a series of odd sound bites and off-the-wall quotes. These too will come back to haunt Biden if he considers to run for president for the third time. We really do not need any more Bidenisms.

Democrats Need Strength

I would not be surprised if someone from the Obama administration were to become a front-runner for the 2016 election. Whoever this candidate is, he or she would have to be someone that was able to break away from the rest of the members of the administration and show strong political possibilities. Certain potential candidates that I could see fitting this qualifier would be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder or Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security. These three have shown they can ride on their own, while Biden still has his training wheels and a helmet on.

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