Jon Stewart Perplexed by GOP Responses to Qaddafi's Death

On Thursday evening, Jon Stewart spent his intro segment discussing the end of Qaddafi in Libya, and noted an odd reaction to the news from some Republicans. After some obligatory jokes about Qaddafi's last hiding place (a concrete pipe),and Hillary Clinton's very surprised response on her Blackberry, he turned a more critical eye to how the news was received in the Beltway, saying: "The administration reacted today's victory with relief and amazement, the Libyan people with gratitude and jubilation, but for one group the death of Qaddafi the dictator, and major sponsor of international terrorism, would require more reflection, time to process and figure out how this good news could be ... bad?"  It isn't hard to guess where he's going, and John McCain, Marco Rubio and John Bolton all make appearances: