July 23: National Hot Dog Day, National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, Gorgeous Grandma Day, Hot Enough for Ya Day

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National Hot Dog Day

Although credit for the original hot dog is claimed by more than one source, one thing is certain -- they're enjoyed by dozens of countries throughout the world. Its ancestor -- the sausage -- has been a common food for centuries. In the U.S., the hot dog has become a national icon, right up there with apple pie and baseball.

There are as many different ways to celebrate "National Hot Dog Day" as there are varieties from which to choose. Try these three regional specialties to get you started.

Chicago Dog - A steamed all-beef dog on a poppy seed bun, garnished with bright green sweet pickle relish, onions, mustard, a dill pickle spear, tomatoes, hot peppers and celery salt.

Coney Island Dog - Topped with beanless beef chili and garnished with chopped onions and yellow mustard.

Dodger Dogs - A foot-long pork hot dog served on a steamed bun and garnished with condiments of your choice. This dog can be either steamed or grilled.

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July is National Ice Cream Month, with July 23 being designated specifically for vanilla. Out of all the hundreds of flavors of ice cream available to consumers today, vanilla still ranks by far the number one choice, coming in at 29 percent. (Second place is held by chocolate at only 8.9 percent.)

You can get your vanilla on by celebrating "National Vanilla Ice Cream Day" with one of these fabulous vanilla ice cream treats from Yahoo! Shine:

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Gorgeous Grandma Day

It's nice to know someone appreciates the beauty within us all. Tall, short, slim or rotund, "Gorgeous Grandma Day" gives us all the chance to show that special grandma in our lives just how beautiful she really is.

In addition to your own grandmother, here are some celebrity grandmothers whose names you might recognize:

* Goldie Hawn became a grandmother in 2004, when her celebrity daughter, Kate Hudson, gave birth to a son.

* Tina Turner has both a grandson and a granddaughter, and even though now in her 70s, she can still rock the night away.

* Former "All My Children" soap star Susan Lucci became a grandmother in 2006.

Hot Enough for Ya Day

In most parts of the U.S., "Hot Enough for Ya Day" is well appreciated and understood. Temperatures in many parts of the country will reach well beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and citizens will be seeking out new and innovative ways to stay cool. On July 23, 2011, 14 all-time temperature records were broken and seven were tied. Cameron, Pa., reached 106 degrees, beating the previous record by a whopping four degrees!

Here are some great ways to beat the heat wherever you are in the country, brought to you by Yahoo! Shine:

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