July 24: Amelia Earhart Day, National Drive-Thru Day, Tell an Old Joke Day, Cousins Day

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Amelia Earhart Day

July 24 marks the birthday of Amelia Earhart, the most famous American female aviator in history. Born in 1897, she went missing on July 2, 1937 during an attempted flight around the world. Earhart was a tireless champion for women's rights, breaking numerous records previously set by men and paving the way for future women with similar aspirations.

You can celebrate "Amelia Earhart Day" by reading one of her many biographies or watching the 2009 blockbuster, "Amelia," starring Hilary Swank. Check out the movie's trailer on Yahoo! Movies.

National Drive-Thru Day

Jack in the Box, America's first drive-thru burger chain, created "National Drive-Thru Day" to celebrate America's love of convenience by vehicle. Today, it's possible to not only snag a burger and fries without leaving your car, you can pick up a six pack of beer, make a bank deposit, and even get married without having to take off your seat belt!

To celebrate "National Drive-Thru Day" in earnest, why not try out your nearest drive-thru library, art gallery or prayer booth? There are even drive-thru funeral parlors and strip clubs for those who are so inclined. Stanford Hospital has recently tested out a drive-thru emergency room to treat contagious patients during a pandemic or bio-terrorist attack. Maybe you should rethink those reclining seats!

Tell an Old Joke Day

For some, every day is "Tell an Old Joke Day." But for the rest of us, we have to wait until July 24 rolls around each year. "Why did the chicken cross the road?" or "Knock, knock" Jokes play an important role in our cultural identity, not only on the surface, but some believe in our unconscious as well.

Sigmund Freud wrote an entire book - "The Joke and Its Relation to the Unconscious" - attempting to explain the role of humor in our lives, concluding that jokes satisfy our unconscious desires. I'm not sure I agree with Dr. Freud, but I do enjoy a good joke -- even if it's an oldie. I wonder what he would have to say about this one: "My psychiatrist told me I was crazy so I told him I wanted a second opinion. He said OK, you're ugly too."

Cousins Day

It may seem simple enough on the surface, to celebrate a day for our aunts' and uncles' children. But what about second and third cousins … and first cousins twice removed? Do you really know what they all mean? No matter. We shouldn't let the biological mumbo-jumbo get us off track. Cousins are special, no matter what type they are.

Why not celebrate "Cousins Day" by picking up the phone and giving your cousin(s) a call? Then sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch Elvis Presley in the 1964 film "Kissin' Cousins." You can check it out on Yahoo! Movies.

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