July 25: National Merry-Go-Round Day, Thread the Needle Day, Culinarians Day, a Day Out of Time Day

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National Merry-Go-Round Day

The history of the merry-go-round, or carousel, dates back to medieval times when they were used as training devices for jousting knights. While in motion, a knight-in-training would attempt to guide his lance into a small stationary ring as practice for taking out his opponent in battle. Since those morbid times, the carousel has evolved into the delightful children's amusement park ride we know it as today.

Luckily, "National Merry-Go-Round Day" falls in the middle of summer so there is no shortage of carnivals and fairs to afford us celebration. You might also choose to visit the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio, or perhaps take a ride on one of the country's most famous merry-go-rounds, like New York City's Central Park Carousel, popular since opening day in 1871.

Thread the Needle Day

"Thread the needle" is a term that can be used to describe how to carefully negotiate a controversial subject so as not to offend or anger our peers or constituents. July 25 is "Thread the Needle Day," which seems more like a horoscope than a holiday.

Perhaps you can celebrate by practicing your double talk skills, or even better yet -- your listening skills -- and avoid addressing the conflict altogether. If you are forced to express an opinion, get your wishy-washy on with words like "maybe," "possibly," "relatively," and "sometimes."

Culinarians Day

Today's a special day for all the cooks in the world because it's "Culinarians Day!" Whether you're a simple home cook or five-star gourmet chef, you qualify to celebrate this well-deserved holiday. The word "culinary" comes from the Latin "culina," meaning "kitchen." And thanks to cable television, there's no shortage of video tutorage to keep us all at our culinary finest.

Why not celebrate by whipping up your signature dish or challenging your culinary chops by creating something completely new? Here are some classic culinary challenges from Yahoo! Shine to keep any chef on her toes:

The Top Ten Most Difficult Recipes to Make?

A Day Out of Time Day

Although this one is a little difficult to wrap your brain around, in essence, "A Day Out of Time Day" is all about celebrating time as art and thus, peace through culture. (It helps if you play John Lennon music in the background.)

You may choose to celebrate through meditation, zen gardening, self-introspection or tai chi. Seriously, though, there is something to be said for the idea that peace can be attained through an understanding and appreciation of foreign cultures. This is a main premise behind the United Nations' Peace Education initiative. You can do your part by visiting your local cultural center or art museum.

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