June 21: Summer Solstice, Flip-Flop Day, Junk Food Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, Peaches and Cream Day

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Summer Solstice

Summer is finally here and June 21 will be the longest day of 2013. The exact time for the summer solstice is when the sun is at the point farthest from the equator. In 2013 that will be at 1:04 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time.

The solstice was traditionally celebrated by dancing around a bonfire, so a great way to celebrate would be to light a fire and dance like no one is watching!

Flip-Flop Day

To celebrate the arrival of summer, June 21 is also "Flip-Flop Day." Did you know that flip-flops are probably the oldest form of footwear still being worn today? They actually can be traced back more than six thousand years.

Some of the oldest surviving examples of flip-flops - or thongs - were made from papyrus leaves. They are on display at the British Museum and date to around 1,500 B.C.

Junk Food Day

Every day it seems we are barraged with media messages telling us to eat right: Eat organic. Buy local. Go Meatless. But on June 21, from this sea of righteousness springs a guilty pleasure - It's "Junk Food Day!"

Some prefer the saltiness of potato chips while others would rather indulge with chocolate. Whatever your pleasure, enjoy while you can, because on June 22 you'll be back to superfoods like spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

In 1999 Pet Sitters International established the first "Take Your Dog to Work Day." This special day is intended to encourage employers to let their employees bring their dogs to work with them, if only for one day.

The idea behind the day is to celebrate humankind's special bond with dogs and encourage those who might want one to adopt it from a local animal shelter. It's a great idea considering that in the United States alone, three million to four million companion animals are euthanized each year.

Peaches and Cream Day

One of summertime's most delightful foods is a gorgeous, delectable, perfectly ripe peach. To celebrate this luscious fruit, June 21 is "Peaches and Cream Day!"

Peaches originated in China and can be found in Chinese writings as far back as the 10th century. From there, Spanish explorers brought the peach to South America and then eventually on to Europe.

You can celebrate this delicious day by making this Peaches and Cream Smoothie from Yahoo! Shine.

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