June 27: Sunglasses Day, Orange Blossom Day, National HIV Testing Day, ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Birthday

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Sunglasses Day

What do Chinese judges of the 12th century and modern poker players on TV have in common? Both groups have used sunglasses to hide the emotions in their eyes.

"For centuries, Chinese judges had routinely worn smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court," according to Idea Finder. Sam Foster is credited with elevating sunglasses to their current status as a fashion accessory. He began selling his Foster Grant sunglasses in Atlantic City in 1929.

Today we use sunglasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. We also wear them because they look cool. Various movie icons have relied on sunglasses to achieve their look. Consider Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator."

Orange Blossom Day

The fragrant orange blossom is Florida's official flower. "The orange blossom is a tiny, enormously fragrant white flower that blooms before the orange, and its smell is every bit as sweet and satisfying as the juicy fruit that follows," according to Florida Facts. The flower lends its fragrance to perfumes, teas, and honey.

* Orange blossom water can also be used to flavor delicate cookies like madeleines.

* You can also recreate the essence and spirit of this flower by baking cute orange blossom cake.

National HIV Testing Day

The National Association of People with AIDS sponsors National HIV Testing Day. The organization hopes to encourage education, voluntary HIV testing, and counseling to people at risk for HIV.

"One quarter of the 1.2 million Americans living with HIV today don't know it," according to NAPWA. "They are the source of between half and three-quarters of the 50,000 new infections we see in this country every year."

* Find a testing site near you using Body's Asofinder.com or the CDC's Hivtest.org.

'Happy Birthday to You' Birthday

The one song everyone knows celebrates its birthday on June 27. If you need an excuse to have a slice of cake, it doesn't get better than this. On June 27, 1859, a pair of sisters from Louisville, Ky., created the song according to the Little Loom House. School teacher Mildred J. Hill composed the melody and her sister, Patty Smith Hill wrote the lyrics. The song was originally called, "Good Morning to All." In 1924, the phrase "Happy birthday to you" was added.

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