'Jupiter Rising' details emerge: A look at new movie by 'The Matrix' creators

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The Wachowski siblings were poised to practically take over Hollywood in the wake of "The Matrix." Since then, they've seen their goodwill steadily dwindle, first due to disappointing sequels to "The Matrix" and then by not directing anything since except for the under-performing "Speed Racer."

But the pair is poised to attempt a comeback soon with their adaptation of "Cloud Atlas," and they're already looking beyond that to a brand new original idea. Though "Jupiter Ascending" is still a ways away from going before cameras, Vulture has unveiled some leaked story details.

According to the report, "Jupiter Ascending" is set on a galactic scale and humans are on the low end of the evolutionary spectrum when it comes to what other beings in the galaxy have evolved into. However, these higher forms of life aren't ignoring humans, instead watching us rather intently.

This general setting will bring to mind the basic premise of "The Matrix," where humans weren't even aware that they were in fact slaves to another form of life, in that case sentient machines.

Vulture's source also claimed to know the roles confirmed stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are going to play. Kunis will play a Russian immigrant who lives a wholly unremarkable life. However, it transpires that she shares an identical basic genetic make-up with a being called the Queen of the Universe. This makes her a threat to the Queen's rule so Tatum, playing an evolved bounty hunter, is sent in to kill the girl.

It's interesting casting for Kunis since nearly every role she's played in both TV and film has ignored her Ukrainian upbringing and heritage, though the fact that she has a flawless American accent probably helps. This will give her a chance to make use of her own history as an immigrant to the United States.

It's also possible that she may be playing dual roles. Vulture's insider doesn't specify this, but if the Queen of the Universe is meant to have at least some identical DNA it would make sense for Kunis to play both parts.

The other new revelation is that "Jupiter Ascending" is intended to be the start of a new trilogy of films. This is an incredibly ambitious plan for an original story, but it's also a definite gamble on the part of the Wachoskis. If the first film is released to disappointing box office returns, they may never have the chance to complete the trilogy. Depending on how the first installment is structured that could leave many issues blatantly unresolved, a fate similar to what befell "The Golden Compass."

Another issue is the duo's adaptation of "Cloud Atlas." It's an ambitious story, and the original novel had a very unconventional structure that will be difficult to adapt to film. "Cloud Atlas" has some very big names attached to it, including Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, and Halle Berry. If the Wachowskis can't pull together a successful film with big names like that, they may see their financing for "Jupiter Ascending" evaporate rather rapidly.

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