Justin Bieber Rocks ‘The View’! Bieber Fever Recap; Plus Kim Kardashian?

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Justin Bieber dropped by ABC's "The View" this morning. The co-hosts all seemed thrilled with Whoopi Goldberg reporting that the lines were "five deep today." The chat fest audience, usually filled with adult women, was giddy with teen girls.

The Biebs was accompanied by his grandfather. Barbara Walters pointed out that the 18-year-old who has traveled with his mother in the past, usually has a family member accompany him on tour. Justin solidified his image as sweetest teen heartthrob ever when he quickly kissed his "Grandpa" before taking his seat on the famous sofa. Asked why Gramps was there, Justin told Barbara that his family is important to him!

Before the Bieberific entrance, however, the co-hosts broached "Hot Topics." One conversation that hit home with the audience of moms and daughters featured Kim Kardashian. Whoopi presented Kim Kardashian's revelation that momager Kris Jenner helped her get birth control at age 14 to "explore her sexuality."

The discussion turned to whether Kris made the right decision by providing the teen-aged Kim with birth control. Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd all weighed in on whether 14 is too young for sex and birth control. Whoopi introduced the sobering fact that her daughter Alex was pregnant at age 14 even with full at-home sex education. In an awkward moment, Barbara asked a 10 year old in the audience if she was aware of what they were talking about.

Then it was Bieber Fever time!

Justin looked spiffy in summer whites and a James Dean-like updo hair swoop. The teen was fresh faced, personable and fun. Walters asked him how he was able to write about love, heartbreak and emotions he might not have yet experienced. Justin then cozied up to Babs and asked cheekily, "Are you in love with me Barbara?" Barbara joked that she was the envy of every young woman in the audience -- and she was.

Barbara also asked Justin whether the woman in his new fragrance ad looks just like Selena Gomez. "She looks nothing like Selena," Justin stated emphatically. Sherri pointed out that fans could see his love for Selena at that moment.

Of course, no Bieber moment is complete without a performance. Justin pulled out his best song and dance skills to perform "Boyfriend" and "Die in Your Arms."

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