Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric has interviewed some of the biggest artists in rap and hip hop. But this is the first time that Katie has talked with a rapper who is clearly on a mission. After four albums, a Grammy and more than 15 years in the music business, rapper Lupe Fiasco is widely viewed as a pioneer of the conscious hip-hop movement. His socially aware lyrics were described by one writer as "music to think to, not to drink to." His latest single, from his upcoming album "Tetsuo & Youth," is no exception. Lupe's song "Mission," which supports the nonprofit organization Stand Up to Cancer, empowers people battling cancer and remembers those who have died fighting it. During the interview, Lupe reveals why "Mission" is personal, and talks about his childhood, being Muslim and whether or not he regrets the controversial statements he made about President Obama in 2011.

The accompanying clip shows some of the highlights from the interview.

Katie Couric's full interview with Lupe Fiasco will be live on Wednesday, June 11.