By Katie Couric

When Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down over the skies of Ukraine, senselessly killing 298 innocent people, the regional conflict suddenly got the world’s attention. Until now, the situation there has been largely seen as a problem far away.

For years, Ukraine has been a nation divided between citizens who consider themselves Russian in the eastern part of the country, even speaking Russian, and citizens who identify as Ukrainian in the west.

Last year, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was criticized for being bullied out of an agreement that would have brought Ukraine closer to the European Union by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This made many Ukrainians angry.

So how did a failed deal between Ukraine and the EU lead to months of protests, the rise of a rebel force, and ultimately, the crash of a commercial airliner?

Hopefully watching this helps you understand the recent history so as this story develops you’ll be able to say Now I Get It.