Kenneth Cole uses debate over Syria to promote shoe line on Twitter

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo News

He did it again.

Kenneth Cole apparently thinks the current debate over U.S. military action in Syria is a good reason to remind Twitter users about his clothing line.

"'Boots on the ground' or not," a tweet published on Thursday on Cole's verified Twitter feed read, "let's not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers."

The tweet included the hashtag "#Footwear."

The message, sent to Cole's 55,000 followers, was met with immediate scorn.

It's not the first time Cole has put his sandal, pump and/or loafer in his mouth.

In 2011, Cole used the so-called Arab spring — and its trending "#Cairo" hashtag — as an opportunity to promote the launch of his spring collection:

Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC

Cole later deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

And earlier this year, Cole drew the ire of critics for making light of the gun-control debate to market his footwear.

"Regardless of the right to bear arms, we in no way condone the right to bare feet," Cole wrote.
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