Kids Want Tech, Not Clothing, for Back to School Shopping

Kids Want Tech, Not Clothing, for Back to School Shopping

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Hey parents, here's a tip. Don't set off on the back to school shopping trip without first consulting your kids. Looks like your idea of what they want doesn't quite jibe with what's on their wish list. A survey conducted by online shopping site Ebates finds 43% of parents think kids want new clothing this time of year. You were headed out to buy clothing, right?

But the 1,100 kids ages 8 to 18 who answered the survey said their top priority was technology. In fact, 42% said they'd rather have a new smartphone, a laptop or even a tablet. Of those who were wishing for tech, it was the tweens (8-12) who yearned for the shiny, new gadgets more than the teens.

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As you can see from the infographic provided by our friends at Ebates, only 10% of you thought tech was on the "want list."

Parents would be wise to use that smartphone or laptop to do some online shopping as August seems to be the month most of you hit the brick and mortar stores to start crossing items off that to-do list.

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Are you planning to buy tech or clothes for back to school time, or maybe a little or both? Let us know what's on your wish list.

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