Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Gets Your Kids to Brush Their Pearly Whites

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Getting your kids to brush their teeth is always a chore; you have to make sure they’re actually scrubbing those pearly whites instead of just paying them lip service. Kolibree’s new connected toothbrush, selling for $99, helps to solve that problem, by not only monitoring when your children brush their teeth, but for how long, too.

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The brush is very light and has a small head, so it will fit into even the smallest mouths. Inside are three sensors that measure not only the duration, but the direction that your children are brushing, to ensure that the inside as well as the outside of their teeth are getting scrubbed.

Kolibree also wants to make brushing more fun for kids, too. It’s releasing the API for its smartphone app, so that children can compete with each other to win badges for brushing their teeth more regularly, and more thoroughly, than their sibling.

The brush head is removable, so you can replace it when it wears out, and the device recharges wirelessly on a small white magnetic base.

The Kolibree will go on sale by the second quarter of 2014. We’re looking forward to sinking our teeth into it.

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