Kudos to Obama on bin Laden Death, but It Will Little Impact the Election

Linked Forever by History, the President Will Not Realize Positive Returns for the Killing of the Osama Bin Laden

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COMMENTARY | I have nothing but admiration for the fortitude and leadership of the president of the United States as he authorized and took full responsibility for the execution of one of the world's most notorious villains a year ago today.

I can't imagine what that moment was like for Barack Obama. Even a person like myself, who witnessed the horror of 9/11 firsthand, would hesitate when confronted with authorizing the killing of another individual -- even if that man was responsible for the murder of 3,000-plus people. No matter how much we cheered for the president at that moment, blood will forever be on his hands.

The country should eternally be grateful to our president for his actions.

Yet it's tough to imagine the one-year anniversary of the death of this evil plot-master as a major campaign issue in his favor come this November. While the path the president chose was gut-wrenching, I cannot believe any another president would not have taken the same initiatives.

After all, this is why they are our leaders. It's the reason why we elect them in the first place.

"Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order," quipped Republican hopeful Mitt Romney yesterday. In referencing the anti-war Carter, Romney clearly signaled there was little to consider regarding the bin Laden killing. Though we will never know how Carter would have reacted to this particular situation, there is little doubt that presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and "W" would have acted accordingly. Romney's comments while demeaning in tone, are nonetheless, correct.

"Taking out" Osama bin Laden was in our national interests. History will prove that it was just.

Romney was wise to deflate what should be a great day for the president on the one-year anniversary of the raid in Pakistan. Though the president acted admirably, his other problems (the economy, energy, housing, government spending, etc.) are the issues first and foremost on the mind of voters. They are concerns that make a second term look less likely every day for the incumbent.

That, too, is just.

Robert Watkins is former twenty-five year investment professional and partner. He lives with his family in Glen Mills, Pa., and is a frequent contributor to Yahoo! News.

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