This Landscape in China Wasn’t Caused by Photoshop or Pollution (PHOTOS)

Almost every country is guilty of causing some amount of pollution, but if any one nation has become the most notorious for it, that would be China.

Algae-infested waters, a scarlet river, excessive coal consumption, and air quality so dangerous it could be described as lethal, and it's easy to understand why the country has gained a reputation as the wild west of environmental ills.

That may be why this month, the Chinese government declared it would put a stop to polluters—by killing them. Not all of them, just the most serious offenders. The rest will reportedly face fines and detention.

It’s about time (for the fines, not the executions) because the nation is quickly losing what’s left of its natural beauty. One area that's remained seemingly untouched by any pollution is the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, which sits in the Gansu province.

Zhangye Danxia is known for its saturated color patterns, which are caused by red sandstone and mineral deposits laid down over the course of 24 million years.

The formations carved into the park, such as valleys, pillars and waterfalls, were shaped over millions of years by rains and winds.

Though the park is becoming a more well-trafficked tourist destination, parts of it have been protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And for obvious reasons; China may still be figuring out where it stands on environmental protections, but the landform remains an ecological wonder in a country known for its environmental chaos.

(Photos: Melinda Chan/Getty Images, Unbelievable Info)

How do you think China's landform compares to similar parks like Arizona's painted desert? Let us know in the Comments.

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