Should We Legislate Against Obesity?

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COMMENTARY | New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might as well have struck a match in a fireworks factory when he said sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces should be prohibited, reports. Bloomberg and New York City Health Commissioner Tom Farley presented the big soda ban proposal today at a health conference at Montefiore Medical Center, according to the Associated Press.

The debate and opinions that have followed Bloomberg's suggested legislative ban have been widespread and polarized, according to a Rasmussen poll. It found 65 percent of respondents were against the proposal, 24 percent supported it and 11 percent had no opinion.

Obesity and being overweight are epidemic in the U.S., as are the chronic illnesses related to these conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. It would be the person with his head in the sand who doesn't realize something needs to change. Not only are adults at risk because of these issues, but also the children and generations yet to come.

History is supposed to be a powerful teacher, but our government -- and we, the people -- seem not to have learned enough lessons from Prohibition. Prohibiting certain foods or beverages isn't going to be well-received and more than likely would only create new problems.

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