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I'm Mark Atwood, and I'm the Director of Open Source Evangelism for HP Cloud Services.  I've been working at HPCS for several months now, getting a feel for HP and our place in the open source and OpenStack® community.

I've been evangelizing open source for decades, since before "Evangelist" was a technology industry job title, since I was a teenager in high school, when I first read rms's manifesto in the printed pages of Dr Dobbs magazine.

I've been involved with cloud computing and with open source databases for the past seven years, with stints at MySQL Inc, with Sun Microsystems's Network.com project, in the "NoSQL" world, and most recently at Red Hat.  And now at HP.

I first started thinking it would be neat if someone wrote an open source version of Amazon Web Services back in 2006, when I first started playing with bridging the worlds of AWS and MySQL.  I was not the only person to be thinking that, and many people have executed on that idea, and now we have a plethora of choices.  But the one I found the most interesting exciting, from when I first learned of its existence from Monty Taylor, even before it had a name, was OpenStack.

OpenStack is open source.  It was originated and released by people who didn't need to be convinced that open source was a good idea, it was something that was just part of their base philosophy: "Of course it's going to be open source.  It makes no sense otherwise".

But not only is it open source, it has an open development process, with an open community.  We invite everyone to come play with it, and contribute what they need to it. You don't need to work for a particular company.  Or live in a particular country.  Or be known by some inner cabal. In fact, not only do you not need those things, having them does not privilege anyone involved.

Open Source, Open Development, Open Community.

Anyway, back to my self-introduction.  What does a "Director of Open Source Evangelism", do?  I describe it as "I learn amazing things, and I meet awesome people, and then I introduce them all to each other".

Mainly, I talk with people.  I talk with people over a podium and in hallways at conferences.  I talk with people over tables and in circles of chairs at unconferences and at design meetings.  I talk with people at meetups and at users groups. I talk with people on conference calls, in online chat, in IRC.  I talk with employees inside HP, and I talk with employees from all the other organizational members of the OpenStack Foundation, and I talk with people from every other technology community, user group, and organization.

What do I want to talk about?  How OpenStack and how open source can make your life better, how it can make the world a better place, what it can do for you.  And what you can do for it. 

And I want to talk with you.  Do you run a conference, or a user's group?  Are you interested in an interesting project that can ignite your career?  Are you a student?  Are you a teacher? Are you interested in open source or in cloud computing?  Talk to me, and I will talk with you, and I will bring in other people to our conversation.

I'm easy to find online, and you can email me at mark.atwood@hp.com.

Let's talk.

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