LG says it’s not to blame for erratic Nexus 4 supply

LG Nexus 4 Supply

Nexus 4

LG (066570) doesn’t want to be the fall guy for erratic Nexus 4 supply. Via The Verge, an LG executive has told Korean publication Chosun Ilbo that LG’s Nexus 4 production has gone exactly according to plan while denying that the company has faced difficulties manufacturing the device. This statement contradicts a recent statement from Google UK & Ireland Managing Director Dan Cobley, who blamed LG for the Nexus 4′s “scarce and erratic” supply over the holiday season. On the other hand, LG has long maintained that Nexus 4 supplies have been erratic because Google was caught off guard by the surge in consumer interest for the device and didn’t place enough manufacturing orders to keep up with demand.

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