Lingerie Football League Ladies Protest for PETA: A Female's Perspective

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The Lingerie Football League has been growing in popularity as more and more sports fans are becoming aware of its existence. The Lingerie Football League is, as the name implies, a women's football league in which the players compete in lingerie.

The Lingerie Football League has drawn mixed reactions from sports fans, especially when the league seems to expect to be treated just as any other sports league, such as the NBA or NFL. Regardless of the legitimacy of the league, the girls in the Lingerie Football League took a stance and helped PETA spread their message.

Lingerie Football League protests for PETA in 2011

The ladies of the Lingerie Football League have showed their support for PETA not once, but twice, during a protest against fur. The first team to line up for the protest were the Toronto Triumph in December of last year. The girls, in their team uniforms, lined up on the sidewalk holding signs with statements against fur. It may not seem impressive at first glance, but considering it was only about 33 degrees and the team uniforms are nothing more than the equivalent of a bikini, the girls seem dedicated to the cause.

Posing for PETA

The Toronto Triumph girls took it a step further and posed nude for PETA. The photographs were used for ad campaigns hoping to prompt consumers to think about where fur comes from before buying Christmas gifts.

The Lingerie Football League protests again

The Lingerie Football League decided to keep up the tradition and the Seattle Mist ladies lined up to protest in their team uniforms, holding signs. Playboy model Chelsie Jorgensen protested--along with Angela Rypien, daughter of former NFL quarterback Mark Rypien. The protest had some unexpected weather, however, and the girls donned umbrellas as the rain poured down. The Seattle Mist girls haven't posed nude, but who knows what next year may bring?

*Samantha Van Vleet is a former high school athlete. She enjoys keeping up to date with sports current events.

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