Littlest Super Fan: 49er Edition

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Littlest Super Fan: 49er Edition

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Josh, Left, Takes on the Camera Like an Upcoming Super Star. Right, Randall Family (from Left: Mark, …

Yahoo News asked big-time fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens to send in photos that show the wacky and fanatic side of sports fandom. Here's one.

Michigan resident Josh Randall has been a 49er super fan for nine years. He watches every game, post-game analysis, and locker room press conference. He wears his Niner gear nearly every day after a win.

His collection of vintage 49er toys has grown so much that his parents may soon run out of room. Yes, Josh, 9, has been a fan of the 49ers every year of his 9-year-life. His parents, LaQuanda and Mark, have been the source of much of his encouragement. Josh's mother, LaQuanda, a 26-year Niner fan, has instilled in her son the same sentiment her Uncle James drilled into her: When you pick a team, you stay with them, even in the worst of times.

With this mantra Josh will do just that. Continuing his mother's uncle's legacy, he has named his dog Joe Montana and has taken on the dream of meeting Colin Kaepernick. He often portrays the football star through "Kaepernicking" around the house. Josh has much to look forward to this year as his dream team heads to the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

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