Loan Modification Calculator Enables Homeowner Assistance Businesses To Increase Efficiency And Profits

The REST Report commands respect from many banks, servicers and judges for delivering consistent, predictable results.

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SAN DIEGO, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The REST Report (Real Estate Services And Technology Report) is a third party loan modification calculator that helps law firms, loss mitigation specialists and other homeowner assistance businesses to find the best loan workout solutions for their clients quickly and easily. This impartial analytics tool derives and presents multiple loan modification terms, affordable to the borrower while still providing the lender with the highest possible return on their investment. It proposes the best win-win loan disposition options given the existing loan terms and the borrower's current financial situation.

It does this by calculating the borrower's NPV (Net Present Value) which lending institutions use when deciding whether or not to rewrite a homeowner's mortgage terms. Whether it's the government's complicated HAMP and HAFA models or an institution's proprietary set of NPV calculations, assumptions or lookup tables, the REST Report loan modification calculator easily handles them all and the proposed terms consistently mirror the actual modifications terms achieved.

MARS compliant businesses that wish to utilize this tool can become REST licensees by visiting the website. This website provides a number of helpful tools and resources that can help professionals to determine whether their business could benefit from the REST Report and, if so, lead them through the steps that will allow them to easily incorporate the report into their current business model. The website says:

"Because of our extensive experience in this industry, we find ourselves in a unique position to offer various types of assistance to REST Licensees. We provide live help desk support, pre-submission modification package review, helpful video tutorials that provide Business Best Practices and Tips & Techniques when helping troubled home owners. We have built a website specifically for authorized REST licensees that contains a ton of resources that are not publicly available. From videos and tutorials on how to use the REST Report, submission tips, managing servicer relations and more to invaluable resources and download. We built it from experience and whether you're a seasoned professional in the industry or just starting out, it gives you the tools for success."

So far the REST has helped hedge funds determine the best price to offer for large pools of distressed assets; investors determine the break-even prices for foreclosure or short sale options; Asset Managers to chart the optimal course of action to take on their delinquent loans; attorney firms analyze and stratify a servicer's portfolio of loans for various mismanagement and fraud characteristics; and has also helped banks augment their own internal systems with more powerful decision-support tools.

While the REST Report, itself, does not guarantee a loan modification it does provide unparalleled levels of authority/insight into loan disposition options and is recognized by many banks, servicers and judges as accurate, reliable and applicable. says: "We fully back up the product and to date have not run into a single Pass/Fail instance where the REST Report showed someone qualified and the bank did not agree or provide a loan workout solution. If your submission matches the REST Report, and REST says you pass generally speaking, from experience running thousands of reports, YOU DO!"

For more detailed information on the REST's NPV calculator and the other tools, products and resources available to REST licensees, please visit

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