Lone Star College Stabbing Spree Sparks New Gun Control Debate

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A mass stabbing at a Houston-area community college, Lone Star College at Cy-Fair, has resulted in 14 injuries and yet another debate on gun control. Lone College is, as are many colleges, a gun free zone.

14 students stabbed at Lone Star College

According to the Houston Chronicle, a 20-year-old man named Dylan Quick stabbed 14 people near the Health Sciences building on the Cy-Fair campus of Lone Star College, located just northwest of Houston. Quick allegedly used an Exacto knife and a surgical scalpel to slash people, apparently at random. Quick was finally subdued by students and was taken into custody by police. He is being held at a mental health facility without bail pending a psych examination after a judge heard a videotaped confession from Quick that suggested that he fantasized about killing people. Twelve people were taken to local hospitals for treatment while two refused treatment.

Gun control debate breaks out

A Twitter war soon broke out between two journalists over the implications the stabbings have on the gun control debate, according to the Houston Chronicle. While some are making tongue-in-cheek suggestions for background checks for knife purchases, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tweeted the following message to CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, "what say you? 14 people stabbed in a gun free zone." Morgan, a British national and a gun control advocate, responded, "I say you're an idiot."

Students lament lack of access to firearms on campus

According to the Daily Caller, two Lone Star College students appeared on Morgan's CNN talk show and lamented the fact that they did not have firearms available during the stabbing spree. Jonathan and Jon Paul Clayton, brothers, made the suggestion that students who are properly certified to carry firearms should be allowed to do so on campus for their own and other students' protection. Later Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick, a Republican, appeared on the show and made much the same suggestion, making now-familiar arguments that the presence of people with concealed handguns with proper permits tends to tamp down on crimes such as the Lone Star College stabbing spree. Patrick pointed out that some of the highest crime areas in the country, such as Chicago, have strict gun control laws. He even made the now familiar joke about knife control.

Morgan, for his part, disagreed with both Patrick and the Clayton brothers. He accused Patrick of being "facetious" and "totally out of touch with reality."

Texas resident Mark Whittington writes about state issues for the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

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