A Look Inside the Life of T.J. Lane, Alleged Ohio School Shooter

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The alleged Chadron High School shooter remains in custody as three families begin planning funerals for shooting victims, according to the Associated Press. The family attorney representing the alleged shooter identifies the male juvenile at T.J. Lane, the Los Angeles Times reports. An investigation into Lane's life reveals a troubled family past and feelings of exclusion at school, according to NewsNet 5.

Here are some facts about Lane and the ongoing investigation.

* A NewsNet 5 review of court documents revealed Lane's parents divorced in March 2002. A month later Lane's father was charged with kidnapping, disrupting public service and felonious assault. Three months late the father was charged with violating a restraining order. During the fall of the same year Lane's father was charged with attempted murder and ordered not to have any contact with his wife except when transferring children during visitation. The attempted murder charges were eventually dropped and the elder Lane was sentenced to nine months in jail on the other charges.

* The elder Lane and the alleged shooter's mother, Sara A. Nolan were arrested on at least two occasions in 1995 and 1997 for domestic abuse charges against each other, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

* A statement released by Lane's attorney Bob Farinacci notes the family's devastation over the shootings and offers "heartfelt and sincere" condolences to the parents of those who died.

* Lane was interested in primitive hunting and the art of anime, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The teen was arrested two years ago but details of the court appearance are sealed because of his age.

* During an interview with WKYC 3 News, Farinacci said the shooting is something the family could not have predicted. The attorney relayed the family's request for privacy while it attempts to understand how the "tragedy" could have occurred and while they mourn the "terrible" community loss.

* The Plain Dealer reports law enforcement officers had warned Lane to "stay away" from his son and the teen's mother on multiple occasions. Students interviewed reveal the opposing observations about Lane's personality. Some students thought the alleged school shooter was a sweet and quiet boy, while others noted a "simmering temper."

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