Love Him or Hate Him, Glenn Beck is Doing Well

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COMMENTARY | Maybe you see him as a modern-day prophet, someone who has the backs of the conservative middle class. Or maybe you see him as a verbose hack, out to convince the public of all things anti-left. Either way, you can't deny it: Glenn Beck is doing well for himself.

According to the Associated Press, Beck has signed a five-year, $100 million contract with Premiere Networks to continue his morning radio show. It's a big jump from his $10 million a-year contract signed in 2007. In spite of a misstep last year in which advertisers boycotted his show on Fox News Channel after he said President Barack Obama had a "deep-seated hatred for white people," Beck has seen the audience of his radio show grow by 0 percent in the past five years. More than 400 stations carry his show.

I've listened to Beck's show and haven't found him to be nearly as evil as his detractors believe him to be. The Obama comment was a bit much, yes. And many of his other comments about the left are a bit much. It's not as if he's dead wrong on the points he is making, it's just there are two sides to every story.

He's a talk show host though, not a journalist. He is an entertainer with an audience. And in that capacity, he isn't expected to portray both sides of the story equally or even necessarily accurately. He just has to know his audience well.

On the other hand, I don't think Beck is the saint his fans make him out to be. He is well-spoken and researches the heck out of things, speaking about them with authority. But at the end of the day, he's just a man with an opinion. A man who signed a $100 million contract. A man who knows his audience well.

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