Man arrested during Quebec student protest facing terrorism-related charge

Associated Press

MONTREAL - A man arrested in connection with a major student protest in Quebec this week is facing various charges, including inciting terrorism.

Denis Marc Pelletier is back in a Montreal courtroom today for what is supposed to be a bail hearing, although a lawyer says it's not clear if it will proceed.

The 29-year-old Pelletier is facing at least seven charges, including possession of explosives, possession of an arson device and uttering threats.

The charge of inciting terrorism stems from alleged postings on a social media site last weekend.

He was arrested during the student unrest on Tuesday following an education summit. Police say he was carrying two Molotov cocktails.

He is also charged with threatening to use explosives in a "show of 50,000 people."

The Crown has said it will oppose bail.

Pelletier's lawyer has delayed the court appearance until this afternoon and says he and a colleague will meet with their client to try to get more evidence.

Serge Lamontagne says some evidence is likely to be handed over and they'll have evaluate the charges against him before moving forward.

"I don't know if he has that comprehension (of the charges) — when we use the word 'terrorism' it comes with certain inferences and references," said Lamontagne.

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