Man Arrested for Interrupting Kansas City Mayor Wants City's Top Job in 2015

Derron Black Formally Announced Run Day After His Release from Jail in Kansas City, Mo

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Two days after interrupting Mayor Sly James' state of the city speech in Kansas City, Mo., Derron Black announced he wants the top job in the city. The next mayoral election isn't for two years, yet the 31-year-old wants to run for mayor in 2015. Black told reporters he made the decision while sitting in jail after his bizarre arrest following an incident during the mayor's speech at the Gem Theater, according to KSHB.

* Video posted to NBC News shows Black on stage knocking over a flag behind the mayor before unloading curse-laden remarks about Kansas City's poorer neighborhoods. Mere seconds after the incident, a few men attached to James' security detail are shown tackling the interloper on stage. James continued his speech by saying, "Well, that was unfortunate."

* KCTV reports security tracked three possible individuals through the theater while James spoke before Black made it on stage. Security will be beefed up for certain events going forward.

* At his mayoral announcement Thursday evening, the candidate wore the same style of hat he was wearing when he interrupted the state of the city address. KMBC reveals Black publicly apologized to the security guard for the incident at his press conference.

* Black's press conference took awhile to get off the ground, according to KSHB. The first announcement was to be made Wednesday after his release from jail. That was postponed to late Thursday morning before the building in which the press conference was to be held wouldn't allow it. Finally, Black made his candidacy official as snow flurries fell around him outside at 5 p.m. CT.

* After statements were made, Black's entourage broke up the press conference by pushing and shoving reporters away as they tried to ask questions of the new candidate. Black previously ran for office in the General Assembly but failed.

* Embattled City Councilman Jermaine Reed was also called out by Black during Tuesday's incident, according to The man felt Reed doesn't show up for meetings despite having a 95 percent attendance rate. Committeeman Pat Clarke told the Fox station Black's outburst was more out of frustration felt by many citizens in Kansas City.

* Court records indicate Black is charged with two misdemeanors, one for assault of a law enforcement office and another for obstructing government operations. Black also faces an arraignment hearing April 11 to answer charges of driving with a revoked license, a charge stemming from a filing in September. In November 2010, Black pleaded guilty to charges regarding failure to maintain financial responsibility for his vehicle.

* NBC News reveals Black commented he hopes the incident Tuesday won't "come back to hurt" him as he runs for mayor. He has two years to put the incident behind him.

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