March 21: National Single Parent Day, Fragrance Day, Common Courtesy Day

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National Single Parent Day

There are approximately 13.6 million single parents in the U.S. who are responsible for 21.2 million children. Households headed by single fathers is the fastest growing segment, having increased in numbers by 60 percent in the decade between 2000 to 2010.

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March 21 to be "National Single Parent Day." It's a day to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice it takes to raise children with only one parent in the house.

In the United States, about 35 percent of all children live in single-parent households. The fewest percentage lives in Utah with only 21 percent, and the highest percentage lives in the District of Columbia with 64 percent.

You can celebrate this day by lending a hand to all the single parents in your circle of influence. Why not offer to take their turn at carpool or have their kids over to spend the night?

Fragrance Day

From Chanel No. 5 to Brut by Faberge, fragrance products make up a large portion of the health and beauty industry in the U.S. In fact, globally the market is expected to reach $33 billion by 2015! But our desire to smell good isn't something born of industrialization and mass marketing. Fragrance has been a hot commodity since ancient times.

Before the invention of manmade fragrance, we used flowers, herbs, spices and even fermented liquors to make ourselves smell better. Ancient civilizations even offered up sweet-smelling concoctions to the gods in ceremonies designed to gain their good favor.

Today is "Fragrance Day." I wonder what's hot for the 2013 fragrance season. Perfume expert Frederick Bouchardy of Joya predicts "a return to simple, uncomplicated and comforting scents-think clove, amber, lavender and all things warm and nostalgic."

Common Courtesy Day

It seems we can't go more than a few hours without encountering someone who lacks the understanding or appreciation of common courtesy. So it probably won't surprise you to learn that the U.S. was ranked 7th in being most rude to travelers, getting 3.39 percent of the votes. Topping the list - and way out in front - was France with 19.29 percent. There was a tie for most courteous between Brazil and the Caribbean, both only getting 0.08 percent of the vote.

Today is "Common Courtesy Day." Why not celebrate by going out of your way to be courteous and kind, even to those who may not deserve it? Tip your hat, let someone ahead of you in traffic, and remember to always say "please" and "thank you!"

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