March 8: Nametag Day, Peanut Cluster Day, Girls Write Now Day, World Kidney Days

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Nametag Day

"Hello, my name is [fill in the blank]." Did you ever wish more events involved name tags? If you've ever struggled to remember the names of your child's friends or your spouse's great uncles and cousins, you will have fun with Nametag Day, celebrated on the Thursday of Celebrate Your Name Week, according to Names Universe.

Print your own free nametags here and give them to friends and co-workers to wear all day.

Peanut Cluster Day

They look so fancy when you happen upon them in a local candy shop, yet peanut clusters are simple to make. All you need are some peanuts, melting chocolate and wax paper.

They were once incredibly popular. In 1931, one department of the Emporia Wholesale Coffee Company "employed up to 20 women in the winter months to produce one to two tons of chocolate peanut clusters daily," according to EVCO Foods. The peanut clusters were sold "in bulk to retailers in Kansas and surrounding states." During World War II the company "shipped approximately 50,000 pounds of chocolate peanut clusters weekly for consumption by those on the fighting front."

Make your own marbled peanut clusters.

Girls Write Now Day

On March 8, women and girls should celebrate. Women have International (Working) Women's Day to commemorate -- a march by women textile workers in 1857. Girls Write Now Day celebrates girls, girl writers and "overall girl awesomeness."

Encourage girls to follow their muse and "put pen to paper and explore the beauty and power of their unique, creative voices," says Maya Nussbaum of Girls Write Now.

To mark the day:

* Give your daughter, younger sister or cousin a journal.

* Consider mentoring a young writer.

* Host an open poetry reading at your local coffee shop or school for aspiring girl writers.

World Kidney Day

Have you taken time to appreciate your kidneys today? Kidneys are like electricity, rarely contemplated, yet essential.

World Kidney Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of March to "raise awareness about the importance of your kidneys… and to spread the message that kidney disease is common, harmful and treatable," according to World Kidney Day.

Taking care of your kidneys is simple. Here are tips from the NIH:

* Drink enough water.

* Stay active to help keep your body functioning normally.

* "Stay alert for changes in your urine. If you have cloudy, smelly, foamy, cola colored or bloody urine or if it hurts when you urinate, see a doctor."

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